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Taylor Fritz’s girlfriend responds to Zverev talk

Taylor Fritz’s girlfriend responds to Zverev talk

Morgan Riddle — the social media influencer who’s dating tennis star Taylor Fritz — got in some hot water this week after her boyfriend beat Alexander Zverev in the fourth round at 2024 Wimbledon.

She posted a couple of Instagram Stories in which she said to “cheer louder ladies” and showed herself while writing “when ur man wins 4 the girls.” (See below.)

What’s wrong with that? It’s possible that she was referring to Zverev’s domestic abuse allegations. Riddle deleted them after, and on Tuesday, issued a statement on Instagram.

“I took them down as soo as I realized the misunderstanding and how blown out of proportion they had become by the media,” she wrote. “They were not about anything that’s happened off the tennis court [and] there’s no bad blood between anyone.”

Here’s the whole thing and the deleted posts:

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