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Something Greater Than Myself – University of Maryland Athletics

Something Greater Than Myself - University of Maryland Athletics

Miranda’s teammates and coaches supported her and were willing to help her in any way possible. The one favor she asked was to help her honor her late friend. Marta Perez Mur was a teammate and roommate of Miranda at the time. She had just transferred to Maryland several months prior, and the pair quickly became close. She recalls counting out green ribbons with Miranda the night before the match. Perez Mur now serves as an assistant on the Terps’ coaching staff.

On Jan. 22, 2022, the entire tennis team wore green ribbons over their hearts to symbolize mental health awareness in support of Miranda and the tragedy she was facing. They even handed the ribbons out to the crowd in attendance. They accepted the gift unaware of the weight behind the ordeal.

The Terps toppled the Hoyas in a 7-0 sweep that day, and Miranda won her singles match, 6-3 and 6-2.

“It was a tough match. But I remember I won, and cried at the end,” Miranda said. “I felt that Maya was there, and it was an amazing feeling doing that for her. Also, just the support that I got unconditionally from my teammates and my coaches was more than I could ever ask.”

Perez Mur also remembers that match. “Mino wasn’t doing it for her, she was doing it for her friend,” she said.

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