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Coco Gauff thanked her haters after she won the U.S. Open

Coco Gauff thanked her haters after she won the U.S. Open

Tennis phenom Coco Gauff won the U.S. Open on Saturday over Aryna Sabalenka in a stunner, and she had the perfect message after her victory.

As she was being interviewed for her historic U.S. Open win, Gauff made sure to thank the people that didn’t believe in her and doubted that she’d be able to win such a major tournament as a 19-year-old.

Doubting someone as talented as Gauff might seem like a strange thing to do, but such is the world we live in. However, Gauff made sure to explain how the skeptics who hadn’t been in her corner fueled her amazing U.S. Open.

“Honestly, thank you to the people who didn’t believe in me,” Gauff said after the match. “A month ago, I won a 500 title and people said I would stop at that. Two weeks ago, I won a 1000 title, and people were saying that was the biggest it was going to get. So, three weeks later, I’m here with this trophy right now.

“I tried my best to carry this with grace, and I’ve been doing my best… To those who thought [they] were putting water in my fire, you were really adding gas to it, and now I’m really burning so bright right now.”

What a show of well-deserved confidence for one of the world’s best tennis players, one who will now hoist an elite accomplishment to go with her decorated career thus far.

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