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Australian Open 2024: Elina Svitolina column on YouTube psychology videos

Australian Open 2024: Elina Svitolina column

In her second BBC Sport column at the Australian Open, Wimbledon semi-finalist and WTA star Elina Svitolina discusses how watching YouTube videos of neuroscientist Andrew Huberman have helped inspire her successful comeback.

Psychology is a topic which I am really interested in – I read a lot of books about it and watch a lot of YouTube videos.

I really love to watch videos from a guy called Andrew Huberman, who is an American neuroscientist at Stanford University and host of a podcast.

It’s great how he explains from a science perspective how the mind works and what we go through as humans.

As well as finding out about his research, I also like to watch other motivational videos and TED talks.

The mind is a big, big part in tennis. From time to time I work with a psychologist to help deal with some situations where I can’t find a way myself.

But just because someone tells you to try something it doesn’t mean it will work 100% – you have to find the best way which works for you.

I always listen to the people around me and then make my own decision.

This is what works for me.

Everyone is different but it is good to learn about different ways so I can tailor them to help me. I try to find out what works for me in any particular time.

The brain is a muscle you train and I always try to find new ways of optimising it.

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