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Australian Open 2024: Elina Svitolina column on Ukraine’s fight against Russian invasion

Australian Open 2024: Elina Svitolina column

A lot of people are in very dangerous places where missiles are coming down every day and landing in Ukrainian territory.

Unfortunately, people in Ukraine are used to this now.

They are used to hearing alarms throughout the night.

They are used to hours and hours without sleeping at night.

They are trying to sleep in the parking lot underneath their buildings because they want to go to work the next morning.

They need to go to work because they are helping their family members who are fighting.

They need to work because they need to eat. They need money to feed their children.

People are living in stress every single day because of the missiles. It is extremely disturbing and damaging, and I fear for the long-term effects on the younger generation.

For Ukrainians it feels like everyone on the outside is starting to forget about our country.

Two weeks ago, for example, hundreds of missiles landed in Ukraine and it seemed like only one or two media channels spoke about it.

It was one of the worst days since the beginning of the invasion.

People across the world are stopping talking about what is happening and are not as aware about what is going on.

In tennis, there are people who want to help and we have held events at WTA tournaments in Charleston and Indian Wells. There was also the one we did in Poland with the huge help of Iga Swiatek to raise awareness and funding.

But it feels like people are trying to not get involved as much any more and everyone is minding their own business.

Of course there are other wars happening in the world – they should be talked about too – but feeling forgotten is still very, very sad for us.

It hurts a lot and it is tough for us to understand.

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