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Nadal Salutes Graduating Class of Rafa Nadal Academy

Nadal Salutes Graduating Class of Rafa Nadal Academy

By Richard Pagliaro | @Tennis_Now | Thursday, June 13, 2024
Photo credits: Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar

The king of clay delivered inspiring address on a very special day.

Graduates of the Rafa Nadal Academy Class of 2024 were treated to a double dose of world No. 1 advice. 

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The 22-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal spoke to the graduates, their families and teachers in a stimulating speech advocating the value of hard work, humility and perseverance pursuing goals.

In an emotional ceremony, a total of 52 young students graduated from the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar, concluding their academic and tennis education on the campus in Manacor.

As is now tradition, Rafa Nadal presided the ceremony and spoke to the families, the teachers and the young students with an inspiring message:

“A few months ago I had the chance to visit the Italian Dolomites in the company of mu friend and rival Roger Federer and there, in the mountains, we had a very interesting conversation about a word that I think is very important: Legacy.

“Both Roger and I agree on something we believe is of the utmost importance. How would we like to be remembered in a few years. How do we want the future generations to think of us?

“We are both very sure of our answers. It’s great that our achievements, our titles and our records are recognized, but that is academic because as the years go by it is probable that someone will arrive and do something better.

“What is important, then, is that which will always be remembered. Therefore, both Roger and I agree that we would like to be remembered as good people.

“We live in a society that highlights the WHAT and the NOW above all else. But I would like to highlight the importance of the HOW.

When you are at university or on a tennis court, say to yourselves occasionally ‘how would I like my classmates to remember me?’ And my teachers? My friends?

“Since the word is very fashionable right now, I could tell you to try and be INFLUENCERS in your surroundings, but I prefer the term LEADERS. The people around you should see you as someone who should be copied because of their values.”

Former world No. 1, 1998 French Open champion and long-time Nadal coach Carlos Moyà was the guest speaker at an event that is very special for the young tennis players, following in the footsteps of Pau Gasol, David Ferrer, Ona Carbonell, Ricky…

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