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Gasquet Thrills with Two-Handed Backhand Pass

Two Tough: Gasquet Thrills with Two-Handed Backhand Pass

Richard Gasquet’s brilliant backhand now poses double trouble.

The wizard of the one-hander showed he owns a terrific two-hander too with this improvised passing shot at Indian Wells.

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Watch Gasquet go with the two-handed backhand pass in his 6-4, 6-7, 6-2 BNP Paribas Open victory over Borna Gojo.

The cool aspect of this double-handed strike: Gasquet has fun with it thrusting both arms in the air and the crowd erupts seeing the classic one-hander surprise with his two-hander.

In case you’re wondering, Gasquet is not the first wondrous one-hander to show his skills with the two-handed backhand.

Roger Federer sometimes showcased his two-hander in practice.

Though he said the shot didn’t feel natural to him, Fed found the sweep spot anyway.

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