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French Open 2024: Danielle Collins on retirement, endometriosis and wanting a normal life

Danielle Collins smiles with the Miami Open trophy

I know there are a lot of great fans and people out there encouraging me to rethink things.

But I have sometimes found it hurtful when people push back.

Some people are quick to give their input and advice when they don’t really know what you are going through.

I’ve been very vocal about something that is deeply personal and that a lot of people do not want to talk about. The only thing I have asked is people to respect my decision.

I would like there to be a higher level of conversation about the awareness of endometriosis. It’s an issue that can affect my life on a very deep level.

What I find more of an issue is when I try and explain my decision and how it has had to do with my personal journey with endometriosis. People conflate the issues and are quick to disregard my reality and vulnerability, instead making it entirely about tennis.

I find it empowering to talk about endometriosis.

I like to share my experience so that other people facing similar challenges don’t have to feel alone. At the same time, you’re also opening yourself to vulnerability around a topic that can be challenging to talk about.

Like me, there are a lot of women and people whose goal is to have children. It is hard when you are constantly being challenged about that issue, especially publicly.

In a press conference a few days ago someone said “what could change your mind?”

I found myself once again explaining how I have had multiple surgeries and seen multiple medical professionals.

I’ve been advised by doctors that my pregnancy journey should begin as soon as possible, given the severity of my endometriosis.

Through this experience I have found most people aren’t very empathetic to the struggles others go through.

On the other hand, I have found incredible support through different groups and from other women who have dealt with endometriosis. The sweet messages, encouragement and support doesn’t go unnoticed. Without this support, sharing my journey would feel like a dead end.

Unfortunately, there a lot of people who don’t understand the challenges women with endometriosis face.

That’s why I want to start my own charity to help give women with endometriosis and other women’s health issues the support they need.

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